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Album: The Head and the Heart to release self-titled debut on Sub Pop

The Head and the HeartExciting Seattle group The Head And The Heart have announced the release of their debut self-titled album on Sub Pop. Described as “an album that begs to be heard” by Seattle Weekly, The Head and the Heart are a must listen for 2011.

Leaving a variety of day jobs and academic pursuits, The Head And The Heart came together in the summer of 2009, during frequent visits to the open mic night at Conor Byrne in Seattle’s Ballard neighbourhood.

Recorded by Shawn Simmons (Audioslave, Sun 0))), Deadman) at Studio Litho and Steven Aguilar (Kate Tucker, Andrew Platter) at Bearhead Studio,  The Head and the Heart’s debut album boasts songs that speak to the newness of a fresh start, of the ghosts left behind, of moving forward. “It seems actually that the more genuine and honest we are in the songwriting and performing, the more people relate to that transparency” says lead vocalist Charity Rose Thielen.

The strength of Josiah Johnson, Jonathon Russel and Charity Rose Theilen’s vocal harmonies on the album create an aura that suggests these three were born to pour their voices together, as the band’s songs revel in jaunty bass lines alongside cheerful handclaps peppering the best moments. A palette of orchestral elements weave their way through the album, including cello, glockenspiel, and violin, all shading in the songs’ development.

‘The Head and the Heart’ is out 15th of April on Sub Pop through Inertia

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