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MP3: D’Opus & Roshambo – “Left To Right (The D’o Funk)”

D'Opus & Roshambo
I’m glad we’re moving past the point where people feel the need to comment on the “Aussie hip hop scene” all the time. Self-reflection is for the insecure and the current generation of artists is far from that.

Take D’Opus & Roshambo for example. The Canberra duo are on the verge of releasing their second album, ‘Past Time’, on 8th April and the whole thing is smoother than Sigourney Weaver’s head in ‘Alien³’.

The rhymes are faultless, the beats are self-assured and – in starkest contrast to music still searching for its identity – the record is, God forbid, a whole stack of fun.

Download this free mp3 of  “Left To Right (The D’o Funk)” and try not to think so much, yeah?

MP3: D’Opus & Roshambo – “Left To Right (The D’o Funk)”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

D’Opus & Roshambo’s ‘Past Time’ is out 8th April on Mercury Switch Lab

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