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MP3: Fucked Up – “The Other Shoe”

Fucked Up

We love our buddies at Remote Control for a lot of reasons, but first and foremost it’s ’cause they’re undisputed kings/queens of the “fuck” bands. What other label on Earth could brag that their roster features unbelievable acts like Holy Fuck, Fuck Buttons, Condo Fucks and – our subject for the day – the almighty Toronto punk outfit, Fucked Up?

Famed for their basement rock mentality and bloody, unruly, completely NSFW live shows, Fucked Up have pretty much been bitchslappin’ the industry into starry-eyed awe for the last few years now.

But now they’re bringing things up a notch, announcing that their forthcoming album ‘David Comes To Life’ is going to be a “rock opera”. And if history is anything to go by, it’s gonna make Billie Joe Armstrong look like Billie Joe Armweak.

Thanks to Matador,you can now grab an mp3 of “The Other Shoe”. Candycane harmonies, glimmering guitars and – of course – bloodcurdling hardcore howling.

MP3: Fucked Up – “The Other Shoe”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

(via Remote Control)

‘David Comes To Life’ is out June on Matador through Remote Control

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