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MP3: Luke Rathborne – “Dog Years”

Luke Rathborne
You can’t get a cup of coffee or buy cupcakes at a school fete these days without coming face-to-face with the folksy strummings of some “singer-songwriter”. There’s a lot of them out there, afterall, so when one manages to stand head about the pack, that in itself is no small feat.

And if they manage, not only to grip your attention, but to make you muse about life and love and the human condition – well – then that’s just extraordinary.

And that’s NYC’s Luke Rathborne: spellbinding, relatable and somehow wise beyong his 23 years. Sure there’s a ton of Bob Dylan comparisons to be made but, in a funny way, that would seem to sell the up-and-comer short. The weathered tone’s there, yes. But the thoughts and the experiences are him, through and through.

Luke will be releasing his first CD compendium, ‘I Can Be One / Dog Years’, on 29th April. Take a warm swig of melancholy with his free track, “Dog Years”.

MP3: Luke Rathborne – “Dog Years”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

‘I Can Be One / Dog Years’ is out 29th April on Speak N Spell

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