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MP3: UNKLE – “The Dog Is Black (feat. Liela Moss)”


It hasn’t even been a year since UNKLE released their epic album, ‘Where Did The Night Fall’, but somehow the duo will be back this 8th April with the all-new ‘Only The Lonley’ EP as well as a 2CD album reissue with bonus tracks.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. The UK duo are probably the most prolific musicians since 2Pac moved to Cuba and decided to release 137609 albums “from the grave”.

As well as featuring a collaboration with the legendary Nick Cave, the EP and the 2-disc reissue boast the mind-warping track, “The Dog Is Black”, with vocals from The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss.

Ingest this freebie mp3 in all of its psychedelic wonder. Just try not to choke on your own tongue before the records hit stores, k?

MP3: UNKLE – “The Dog Is Black (feat. Liela Moss)”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

‘Only The Lonely’ EP and ‘Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out’ (2CD) are out 8th April on Pod

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