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New Signing: Joelistics inks deal with Elefant Traks!

JoelisticsSydney’s premiere hip-hop label, Elefant Traks, has announced the signing of Joelistics! The TZU frontman will release his solo debut, ‘Voyager’, on 6th May.

From his time with TZU, Joelistics is regarded as one of the most charismatic frontmen in hip hop, one of the best freestylers to have never battled; a true storyteller inluenced by shoegazer electronica and folk as much as classic boom bap hip hop.

“We’ve been mates for ages,” explains Herd member and Elefant Traks labelmate, Ozi Batla. “We’ve shared a lot of creative, outrageous and funny times – it feels like Joelistics is already part of the fam, he’s a natural fit for Elefant Traks and the album is sick.”

Solo from Horrorshow echos the sentiment: “I’m genuinely excited about him joining forces with ET as a fan more than anything. He’s always had mad charisma and I’ve no doubt that will shine through on the record.”

Self-produced and written in France, Mongolia, China and Australia, the forthcoming album taps into themes of travel, modern world paranoia and growing older.

Joelistics’ ‘Voyager’ is out 6th May on Elefant Traks through Inertia.

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