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MP3: Bibio – “Excuses”


There hasn’t been a producer like Stephen Wilkinson (aka. Bibio) in a long while – at least since Dilla left our plane of existence. Whether its folk ramblings and tape-hiss, hip-hop and psychedelic breaks, or dream-pop and analogue loops, his compositions manage to transcend everyday life and rocket into the far reaches of the galaxy/mind/spirit. Space and time collapse into one. There’s colour everywhere.

His brand new album, ‘Mind Bokeh’, is exactly that kinda journey. Hear it for yourself with the freely downloadable record opener, “Excuses”, which somehow manages to ascend from the organic trickle of water to intergalactic android blues in a matter of minutes.

MP3: Bibio – “Excuses”

Also make sure to bask in the Betamax beauty of his new video for “K is for Kelson”…

MP3: Bibio – “K is for Kelson”

Bibio’s ‘Mind Bokeh’ is out 8th April on Warp

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