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News: Wavves to collab with Best Coast & Fucked Up; new comic and 3D video

WavvesSo you thought stoners were lazy and unproductive? Well, guess again. Wavves (aka Nathan Williams) is proving to be a triple threat this week, with a new 12 issue comic/cassette project, a new collab with Best Coast and Fucked Up and last but not least, a new 3D version of their “Post-Acid” clip.

Wavves’ new comic is called Negative Dad and was written with friend Matt Barajas, with illustrations by artist, photographer and Vice contributor Nicholas Gazin. Williams revealed via Twitter that Negative Dad will run to at least 12 issues and may eventually come with cassettes so that you can, “put the tape on, put in a beanbag chair in a space small enough to get clambaked and just read the comic and stare at the pictures and chuckle at the pictures while your friend plays Nintendo and eats all your Pirate Booty or something.”

Williams also revealed details of an upcoming EP that will feature a track with Best Coast and Fucked Up, plus one more collaboration with an as-yet undisclosed artist. One track supposedly sounds like 90s rockers The Rentals and Williams hopes to do a video for every song on the EP.

Speaking of videos, Wavves have a new 3D clip for “Post-Acid’, thanks to Pitchfork 3D. Check it out…

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