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MP3: Amon Tobin – “Lost & Found”

Amon Tobin

Brazilian-born electronic iconoclast, Amon Tobin, has become the walking embodiment of everything the Ninja Tune imprint represents: innovative, pioneering and a sheer freakin’ thrillride to listen to.

His new album, ‘ISAM’, is built entirely from organic field recordings which he’s synthestised and built into playable instruments. I mean, taking nature, stealing its essence and reshaping it in your own image? Pretty much the closest you can get to being God.

For a taste, enter your e-mail address below and get a free download of “Lost & Found”. It’s almost hard to believe the slow motion, sci-fi saga was constructed from humble building blocks of everyday recordings.

But that’s Amon Tobin.
Believe the unbelievable.

MP3: Amon Tobin – “Lost & Found”

Amon Tobin’s ‘ISAM’ is out now on Ninja Tune
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