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MP3: Bachelorette – “Blanket”


Dunno how we got to a point in history where Ke$ha became the world’s most famous practitioner of “electro-pop”, but I reckon it’s time we took the term back. I mean, sure, New Zealand’s Annabel Alpers (aka. Bachelorette) may not have a multi-zillion-$$ lip-gloss/glitter budget, but she does have layered, euphoric, adventure-seeking synthscapes that’ll quell your nerves and hum from your eardrums to your aura.

Bachelorette’s self-titled third album will be hitting shelves on 13th May via our kindred spirits at Mistletone, and it’s got all the pysch-pop wonder you’ve grown to expect.

Just wrap yourself in “Blanket” and feel the buzzing, murmuring warmth climb up through your bones and into your heart. This is lush, dreamy, “electro-pop” at its finest. Ke$ha may wanna trade her high-heels for some nice, woolly ugg-boots.

Bachelorette – “Blanket”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

‘Bachelorette’ is out 13th May on Mistletone

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