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MP3: Inga Liljeström – “All Of This [PVT Remix]“

Inga Liljestrom

In the contemporary Australian musical landscape, Sydney’s Inga Liljeström stands alone. To find any form of meaningful comparison,  you’d have to search other decades and continents; from Kate Bush and Bjork to Portishead and PJ Harvey. Or perhaps even these comparisons are meaningless, especially when the only common thread is that – like the aforementioned – Inga’s compositions transcend categorisation.

Now based in Paris, Inga is preparing to release her spellbinding new album, ‘Black Crow Jane’ . Rhythmically writhing and emotionally exposed, it seems to soar from one startling crescendo to another. It’s menacing at times, cathartic at others, while all the while maintaining an air of utter unpredictability.

To give you a taste, PVT‘s Richard Pike has remixed her track, “All Of This”; infusing it with haunting strings and breathy ambience. You can grab it for free below.

MP3: Inga Liljeström – “All Of This [Richard Pike (PVT) Remix]“

Inga Liljeström’s ‘Black Crow Jane’ is out 20th May on Groovescooter

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