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MP3: Memory Tapes – “Wait In The Dark”

Memory Tapes

Dayve Hawke (aka. Memory Tapes) sort of exploded outta nowhere in 2009, releasing one of the best albums of the year and spearheading the bedroom-pop renaissance which gave us “chillwave” and “glo-fi” and “GorillaVsBearcore”, etc etc.

When you heard the compositions this guy was able to weave while alone in his bedroom, it kinda made you feel embarrassed about the unproductive debauchery most of us get up to when we’re alone in our bedrooms. And from the sounds of retro-futuristic new jam, “Wait In The Dark”, it seems like Mr. Tapes is set to rub it in even further with his new record, ‘Player Piano’ – out July on Pod.

Sweeter and more poptastic than anything he’s ever released, the below freebie showcases Memory Tapes at his most playful. This is one to skip through the tulips to. Fly a kite, drink a strawberry milkshake and throw a frisbee with your Golden Retriever.

MP3: Memory Tapes – “Wait In The Dark”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Memory Tapes’ ‘Player Piano’ is out July on Pod
‘Seek Magic’ is out now on Pod.
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