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MP3: Naked On The Vague – “Clock Of 12′s”

Naked On The Vague

If you think Sydney is all habours and beaches and shit then obviously you’ve never had Naked On The Vague‘s sooty, crooked fingers rubbin’ all kinds of apocalypse up in your eye.

Having ruled Inner West warehouses, D.I.Y spaces and filthy pubs since 2006, the group have now signed with cult noise/punk label, Sacred Bones (home to Zola Jesus and fellow Aussies, Slug Guts), and are poised to conquer the U.S underground.

Their new EP, ‘Twelve Dark Noons’, is a companion piece to a short experimental film of the same name directed by Jacqueline Castel, which premiered at SXSW just months ago. NOTV’s own Matthew Hopkins describes the mood as a bit like, “Dracula fronting the B-52’s”, and – shtick aside – you can definately hear what he’s talking about.

Lighter than the band’s usual brand of End Of Days no-wave, this free mp3 of “Clock Of 12′s” is a spooky, garage Monster Mash. The grain and grit reins supreme, of course, but the undeniable rhythm could coax the most stubborn ghoul from its coffin. This is the kinda groove I imagine woulda haunted Bela Legosi on one of his more epic heroin binges…

MP3: Naked On The Vague – “Clock Of 12′s”

(To download, simply click the arrow on the right-hand side of the player)

Naked On The Vague’s ‘Twelve Dark Noons’ EP is out now on Sacred Bones

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