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MP3: Zola Jesus – “Vessel”

Zola Jesus

It’s incredible to think that, just two years ago, Nika Roza Danilova (aka. Zola Jesus) was essentially making noise records. Aching, beautiful, operatic noise records – but noise records all the same.

Yet 2010′s ‘Stridulum II’ saw her break out of the lo-fi box to create one of the most darkly romantic, tortured goth-pop albums in recent memory. So, we were pretty excited by this morning’s announcement of an all-new full-length, ‘Conatus’, this October on Pod.

Lead single, “Vessel“, is another haunting serve of Zola Jesus’ apocalyptic balladry, with bursts of electronics to give the track a menacing, robotic march. Open yourself and be possessed.

MP3: Zola Jesus – “Vessel”

Zola Jesus’ ‘Conatus’ is out October on Pod

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