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New Signing: Two Bright Lakes welcomes NZ’s Batrider

BatriderMelbourne indie label Two Bright Lakes have added New Zealand band Batrider to their roster. The band’s new album, ‘Piles of Lies’ will be released in Australia on the 15th of July via Remote Control.

”Piles of Lies’ is Batrider’s fourth album since the band formed eight years ago in Wellington, NZ. Having spent 191 days a year in a van, touring foreign countries, the band returned to Adelaide last year to record ‘Piles of Lies’ with Kynan Lawlor. The album is sixteen tracks of “raw, concise and powerful” music, an album of drinking, junk food, cigarettes, couch surfing, backyard picnics and the trials and tribulations of life in a band.

As such, ‘Piles of Lies’ is also Batrider’s first album with the stripped back line up of Sarah Chadwick, Sam Featherstone and Stephanie Crase. You can catch the trio playing the Winter Chills Festival in Newcastle on Saturday 11 June and at the East Brunswick Club in Melbourne on Sunday 19 June. Details of a national tour will be announced shortly.

Batrider - 'Piles of Lies' cover art

Track listing:

1. Sweaty Magee
2. Hand Cream
3. Howzatt
4. Hold a Grudge
5. Just Another Person
6. Piles of Lies
7. Things Are
8. Come Down
9. Test Of Time
10. Shine Your Light
11. Jan Power
12. Chunk
13. Stacked In The Corner
14. Chris Drabsch
15. Silver Linings
16. Take Me For A Ride

Batrider’s ‘Piles of Lies’ is out 15th July on Two Bright Lakes via Remote Control

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