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Video: Battles play “Futura” live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

BattlesAttention all other late night talk show hosts: step up your game in the musical guest department. Why? Because it looks like Jimmy Fallon is becoming unstoppable. This time we’re bringing you Battles, with a live performance of “Futura” from their new album ‘Gloss Drop’.

‘Glass Drop’ follows 2007′s universally acclaimed ‘Mirrored’. It features the UK’s dark synth pop pioneer Gary Numan; Chilean born Kompakt minimal techno producer Matias Aguayo; cult indie rocker Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead; and Yamantaka Eye, the messianic dreadlocked front man of Japanese cosmiche future beat unit, the Boredoms.

“When we’re writing songs, no one in this group has ever said ‘Wait, we’ve gone too far. This isn’t a Battles song.’ Because what is a Battles song? We don’t know,” said Battles’ John Stanier. “All I know is that there are no parameters and no boundaries. That is the whole point and has been since day one.”

And this is just the sort of guest we’ve come to expect from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a show fast becoming known for showcasing artists you probably wouldn’t see anywhere else. Check out the live performance of Battles’ instrumental track, “Futura”:

Battles’ ‘Gloss Drop’ is out now on Warp Records through Inertia

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