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Album: Dum Dum Girls announce the release of ‘Only in Dreams’

Dum Dum GirlsDum Dum Girls have announced their new album, ‘Only in Dreams’, for 23rd September on Sub Pop. A heavy, deeply personal record, it promises to be unprecedented for its style of music in terms of uniqueness and gut-punch emotional impact.

Band leader Dee Dee wrote “Hold Your Hand” immediately after her mother was diagnosed with what turned out to be a fatal illness, and it’s one of several songs on Only in Dreams that unsparingly trace her mom’s passing. Other songs spell out the emotional toll of separation from one’s lover, something Dee Dee had to deal with while she and her husband (Brandon Welchez of the acclaimed noise-pop band Crocodiles) pursued their own tour schedules.

The new album more than fulfils the promise of 2011′s ‘He Gets Me High’ EP, with impassioned, front-and-centre vocals from Dee Dee that sometimes recall one of her heroines, Chrissie Hynde; big sing-a-long choruses draped with almost choral harmonies; a chugging wash of guitars drenched in reverb, tremolo and fuzz; and mighty, booming bass and drums. “I’ve always wanted to be in a loud rock & roll band and still maintain some feminine sound,” Dee Dee says. “So even though this album is much poppier and a lot more polished, it’s still tough.”

‘Only in Dreams’ represents a musical evolution for Dum Dum Girls and a personal one for Dee Dee, and that’s no coincidence. “I’m for real,” she says. “We all are. I’m really passionate about this, it’s all I know. And maybe we’ve just grown up a bit—or grown out a bit. There’s some weight to what we do, and a pure intent, and I think that comes across on this album”

Dum Dum Girls’ ‘Only in Dreams’ is out 23rd September on Sub Pop through Inertia

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