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MP3: Girls – “Vomit”


Who would have ever thought “Vomit” could be beautiful?

Inertia’s had enough messy Christmas parties over the years to have thought such a thing was an impossibility, but it seems San Francisco slacker-pop bros, Girls, have proven us all wrong.

“Vomit” is the most gorgeous, expansive, beatific thing the duo have ever recorded (sorry “Hellhole Ratrace”). From the church organs and gospel-infused choir vocals to Christopher Owens’ all-loving refrain, “come into my heart”, the song has one key commonality with its putrid namesake: it warms you from the inside out.

MP3: Girls – “Vomit”

(via The Fader)

Girls’ ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ is out 9th September 2011

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