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MP3: Hailer – “The Redundancy Song”


Sydney three-piece, Hailer, may not be on your radar yet. So maybe it’s time to get a new radar. And no better time for an upgrade, since they’re currently launching their new single, “The Redundancy Song”.

Unlike some of dazzling classic rock and psych-driven numbers that adorned the rest of their debut album, “The Redundancy Song” is a threadbare narrative, draped in a homespun jacket of gentle acoustics and melody.

Make sure to catch these guys in Sydney this weekend as part of the mega-lineup at the Laughing Outlaw’s Winter Ball. Also, follow Hailer on Facebook for regular updates on the guy’s movements.

MP3: Hailer - “The Redundancy Song”

Hailer’s ‘Good Canyon’ is out now on Laughing Outlaw
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