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MP3: Memoryhouse – “Modern, Normal”


Terms like “euphoric” and “ethereal” and “rich sonic tapestries” have may just have become cliché in this world where every new band is gleefully dissected by a thousand monkeys bloggers working at a thousand typewriters. But Toronto’s Memoryhouse warrant dredging them out again, just this once.

The duo of Evan Abeele (composer) and Denise Nouvion (vocals) stir up a transfixing wave of aural sensations, with the contemporary and the nostalgic seamlessly dissolving into one another.

Now signed to Sub Pop, the pair will re-master and re-issue their acclaimed 2010 EP, ‘The Years’, in September – this time containing two all-new tracks. One of those tracks it the mesmerising, out-of-body experience that is “Modern, Normal”. Download it below.

MP3: Memoryhouse – “Modern, Normal”

Memoryhouse’s ‘This Years’ is out September on Sub Pop.

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