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MP3: St. Vincent – “Surgeon”

St. Vincent

Despite two critically lauded albums and an endless well of hardcore fan affection, you can’t help but feels sometimes that St. Vincent‘s talents are sometimes overlooked.

I mean, Annie Clark has the voice of an angel, the lyricism of a rhapsodist and the creative impulses of a mad genius. Surely this woman should be kickin’ it with Bjork and PJ Harvey in the art-pop Hall Of Worship.

Her new track, “Surgeon”, is yet another testament to her brilliance. Woozy and evolving, it graduates from electronic haze to keyboard madness and vocal ascendency with barely a second thought.

MP3: St. Vincent – “Surgeon” (download after the jump)

The track was unlocked this week via tweets under the #strangemercy Twitter hashtag, after a series of offbeat teasers for her forthcoming album ‘Strange Mercy’ (due September).

Video: St. Vincent – ‘Strange Mercy’ Teaser 1

Video: St. Vincent – ‘Strange Mercy’ Teaser 2

Video: St. Vincent – ‘Strange Mercy’ Teaser 3

Video: St. Vincent – ‘Strange Mercy’ Teaser 3

(via Remote Control)

St. Vincent’s ‘Strange Mercy’ is out 9th September on 4AD through Remote Control

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