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MP3: Martyn – “Viper”


Dutch producer Martyn is releasing his sophomore album, ‘Ghost People’, through the lovely folk at Brainfeeder – a label spearheaded by Flying Lotus and boasts a roster of super talented beat-makers and producers which include Daedelus, Lorn, Samiyam, Tokimonsta, Teebs and Thundercats to name check a few.

“Viper” is a teaser of what you can expect from Martyn’s newie.  Reminiscent of a futuristic, sci-fi soundtrack, this edit is a dark, stripped back and beatless version of the sound “that made Metalheadz” (in Martyn’s own words).

Any preconceptions you have about Martyn’s sound, throw it out the door because this tune is sure to surprise.

Definitely one for the headz.  Crank it. Loud.

MP3: Martyn – “Viper”

Martyn’s ‘Ghost People’ is out 21st October on Brainfeeder

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