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MP3: HTRK – “Sweetheart (A. K. A. Love You)” [Suicide Cover]


Things were tragically derailed for Melbourne proto-punk outfit HTRK in 2010, when founding member Sean Stewart committed suicide.

As well as the personal loss, the trio – who’d recorded their 2005 debut with the legendary Rowland S. Howard (RIP) and toured with Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Horrors – were in the midst of recording a comeback album. An album that was shaping up to be their finest work to date.

Thankfully, the ordeal strengthened the resolve of the surviving members, allowing them to finish the record. ‘Work (Work, Work)’ sees blurred synthetics, woozy reverb, dark romance and chilling heartbreack come together like some rendezvous amongst the ruins.

Just check out this slurred, non-album cover of Suicide‘s “Sweetheart”, which hums and uncoils like the strange stuff of David Cronenberg’s wetdreams/nightmares.

HTRK - “Sweetheart (A. K. A. Love You)”

(via Mistletone)

HTRK’s ‘Work (Work, Work)’ is out 16th September on Mistletone


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