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MP3: Atlas Sound – “Terra Incognita”

Atlas Sound

Most of us struggle with daily problems like whether or not it’s time to get a haircut, or trying not to burn the toast. Bradford Cox struggles with how he’s going to completely reconfiger the pop landscape on any particular day.

But the Deerhunter frontman does, time and time again. The new track under his Atlas Sound moniker, “Terra Incognita”, is testament to this.

Beginning inside an earthy microcosm of acoustic guitar and vocals, the song subtly morphs into an expanding soundscape of astral proportions that feels as though it could could gently embrace the whole universe. This is how God felt on the seventh day.

MP3: Atlas Sound – “Terra Incognita”

(via Remote Control)

Atlas Sound’s ‘Parallax’ is out 4th November on 4AD via Remote Control

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