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MP3: Wintercoats – “Working on a Dream”

Without knowing too much about Victorian-based Wintercoats it would easy to visualise a busy studio filled with a calamity of orchestral instruments handled by equally dramatic players.

In truth the reality is much more surprising, with just a single (and kempt) lead by the name of James Wallace organising the ensemble of complex plucked strings and harmonies all programmed into intelligent production.

The track “Working on a Dream” is the facade of the ‘Sketches’ EP and compliments Jim’s ability to predict the next step you would take of the musical journey… making him a songful fortune teller to the future.

 MP3: – Wintercosst – “Working on a Dream”

The ‘Sketches’ EP will be released digitally and 12′ vinyl Septempber 30th on Mistletone.

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