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Video: Melbourne slow-wave supergroup Montero release “Mumbai” b/w “Rainman”

MonteroMontero is the new project from Melbourne comic/video artist (and Mistletone artist-in-residence) Bjenny Montero, featuring the musical smarts of Guy Blackman (Chapter Music honcho and balladeer), Geoffrey O’Connor (Crayon Fields), Cameron Potts (Ninety Nine, Baseball, Cuba Is Japan), Robert Bravington (Cuba Is Japan) and Gerald Wells (The TM Band). A powerful, sensual group of sensitive and inspiring men…

The two jams on the debut Montero single, “Mumbai” and “Rainman”, are shaping up to be the pop/schmaltz/glam/prog/post-mellow/wave-wave/man-core anthems for tomorrow.

“Mumbai” is best described as post economic meltdown relaxation pop; its lilting cadences evoke a flood of associations — self-help rock, Wall Street relaxation tape sounds, stress ball gazing, new age ocean rock, positive thoughts manuals and the Indian Ocean.

“Rainman” is the big daddy of the hitherto-unknown genre of custody battle space rock, or should we call it camp psychedelic divorcecore? Either way, its transportive synths, epic MOR moves and face melting guitar solo will dissolve all inhibitions.

Both tracks are now available digitally via iTunes (link below).

(via Mistletone)

Mumbai b/w Rainman is out now on Mistletone Records through Inertia
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