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MP3: The Bats – “Free All The Monsters”

1980′s New Zealand rock band The Bats have always tended a pleasing winding rock aura, be it from their first offering ‘Daddys Highway’ in ’87 all the way to the next album ‘Release The Monsters’ on Mistletone.

The lead jam “Free All The Monsters” taken from the forthcoming album shares a warmth that not many modern bands posses, with multiple affects and echo’d vocals all coming together in perfect harmony.

MP3: The Bats – “Free All The Monsters”
The Bats – Free All The Monsters by Mistletone 

Tour Dates

Melbourne – Brunswick Club, 14th October w/ Witch Hats and Guy & Marcus Experimentation
Sydney – Notes, 15th October w/ Loene Carmen, The Reservations.

‘Release The Monsters’ is set for a release Oct 14th on Mistletone.

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