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MP3: TOUCAN – “Brave New World” [Lancelot Version]


New Sydney duo TOUCAN have hit the ground running with a 5 track ep titled ‘Brave New World’ - channelling some Aldous Huxley vibes it’s all about escape, toughness of love and coming off age, with Triple J Unearthed already giving the original plays and support.

Don’t be swept up in the seriousness of it all as Jess & Shea entwine their messages with jazzy vocals crossed with light synth and piano work that’ll set your left foot tapping.

Sydney lad Lancelot has mellowed things by lushing out the original “Brave New World” by adding his own sensible synth-pop, cultivating a slightly dancier effort!

MP3: TOUCAN – “Brave New World” [Lancelot Version]

Tour Dates

Sydney – Thur 27th Oct, Oxford Art Factory w/ Pluto Jonez
Sydney – Sat 19th Nov, Oxford Art Factory w/ Worlds End Press and Mitzi
Melbourne – Fri 25th Nov, Can’t Say @ Miss Libertine
Brisbane – Thur 1st Dec, Lambda Lambda Lambda @ Alhambra Lounge
Sydney – Fri 9th Dec, Spectrum
Canberra – Sat 10th Dec, Fresh Prince @ Transit Bar
Morisset – Sat 14th Jan, New Beginnings Festival

 ’Brave New World’ is due out November 18th on Darter Records.

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