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MP3: Passenger – “I Hate” [Live From The Borderline London]


Passenger (aka Michael Rosenberg) has recorded a quirky new track “I Hate” pointing out all the obvious pains in life!

Taken from a recent live show at The Borderline in London while on tour with Josh Pyke, It all gets dished out – from talkers at gigs, pointless Facebook updates, internet friends, junk-food fussy eaters, festival toilets and calling out X-Factor while still remembering that there’s more to life then just hate.

In a clever little twist Mike has encouraged fans on his Facebook to share and mention their ‘pet hates’ with a promise to record a new version including their own personal gripes.

MP3: Passenger – “I Hate”

Check out the girl to guy ratio at the show below!

‘Flight Of The Crow’ is out now.
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