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MP3: The Mountain Goats – “Thucydides II-58

Mountain Goats

What happens when you hit 25,000 Twitter followers? Well if your John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats you give away a previously unheard acoustic cut.

“Thucydides II-58″ is a stripped back, beyond lo-fi jam that must have been recorded in some downtime between sessions with the band.

It’s rawness is what really makes this great, with hard strumming heard over honestly pitched vocals, although be warned by downloading the track heed this warning from John;

‘”By downloading you sign e-blood oath not to be That Guy goin’ “T58:2 sooo much better than [album track]” next year”.

MP3: The Mountain Goats - “Thucydides II-58″

‘All Eternals Deck’ is out now on Remote Control Records.
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