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MP3: Washed Out – “Amor Fati” [Clams Casino Remix]

Washed Out

Washed Out’s boozy b-side “Amor Fati” has been remixed by Clams Casino.

It was only last week we revealed a download for the Australian-only bonus album track and b-side “Call It Off” to the “Amor Fati” single and now New Jerseys experimental Hip-Hop artist Clams Casino has clambered all over it.

Although only a defiantly short 2:56, the track exudes the common down-tempo stylings and full sound that has become practice of left-field producers.

MP3: WAshed Out – “Amor Fati” [Clams Casino Remix]

(via Pitchfork)

‘Within and Without’ is out now on Sub Pop and Pod.
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