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MP3: Wiley – “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas”

Wiley Eye

Wiley has released a Christmas themed track “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas” ahead of his forthcoming album ‘Evolve or be Extinct’.

This’d be easily one of the grimiest holiday tunes put together, with the UK producer spitting holiday cheer and a clear message to be thankful for what you have.

In an interview with The Guardian when asked what he was trying to say, he said;

Yeah, Christmas time can be a sad time for some people, or they make it sad and they shouldn’t because if they have a beer and have something nice to eat then the sadness goes away. Watch some old replays of some old Michael Douglas films!

Listen, download and play for your nan on Christmas day.

MP3: Wiley – “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas”

(via The Guardian)

‘Evolve or be Extinct’ is out January 19th on Big Dada through Inertia

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