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News: Hanni El Khatibs Top 5 Foods

What foods does a modern day punk-rocker rate as his top 5? Well Hanni El Khatib has given Food Beast his!

The ‘Will The Guns Come Out’ album writer/producer has laid down some hefty meals that represent his youth of growing up in San Francisco and his heritage as an ethnic making him both Palestinian and Filipino.

It’s predictable as a gun toting, tattoo’d, slick guy like Hanni would choose to eat, but what exactly did he pick?

1. A true San Francisco Burrito - There is just something perfect and comforting about an SF style burrito. I guess it’s because this is what I grew up knowing.

2. Meatball Sandwich on Focaccia Bread - This is the perfect sandwich served on freshly made focaccia bread with 2 huge homemade meatballs

3. Fresh Lobster From Maine - I have no idea why, but when it’s good and fresh it can’t be beat. I could eat this all day.

4. Baseball Steak From Pacific Dining Car - You feel like you gained 20 lbs after and are gonna pass out, but it’s worth it

5. Fresh Sashimi - A good assortment of frsh ashimi. It’d be nice to get this fresh off the fishing boats in Japan, if I could

(vai Food Beast)

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