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Video: Shabazz Palaces plays “Bronny on a Breakdown” live

Shabazz Palaces Shabazz Palaces have performed “Bronny on a Breakdown” live for The Guardian.

Sup Pop are often coined as the home of illicitly good indie and folk so it was odd sighting the signing of their first Hip Hop act, Shabazz Palaces.

What has come from it is the wider introduction of a new-age experimental beats and samples group that can only be plainly described as.. exciting.

From the plethora of tech-gear, added percussion or the silky vocals, the only way to fully appreciate something as different as Shabazz is live.

Still don’t believe me? Watch “Bronny on a Breakdown” performed live for The Guardian below.

Tour Dates

Melbourne: 12th Jan @ RAOB GAB Buffalo Club
Melbourne: 14th Jan @ Sugar Mountain Festival

(via Stereogum)

‘Black Out’ is out now on Sub Pop through Inertia.

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