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News: King Tuff set to release new self-titled album!

King TuffKing Tuff has announced the release of a new self titled album which will be released this 25th of May on Sub Pop through Inertia.

The 12-track album, influenced by Alice Cooper songs from the 70s, features the lead single “Bad Thing” along with standout tracks “Keep On Movin”, “Alone and Stoned” and “Baby Just Break.”

The new album was produced by Bobby Harlow (The Go, Conspiracy of Owls) and recorded during a furious two-week run in Detroit. Harlow has the following, among a great many other things, to say about it:

“After investigating Was Dead I realized that, with his latest offering, King Tuff’s song writing was stretching far beyond the thrill of the immediate dance-floor reflex and now revealed a songwriter with a keen eye inside everyone. That was the stuff that I was interested in. Embarrass me!

We’ve created something here. King Tuff should not be inspected or even listened to with critical ears. Cut your ears off. Rock & Roll is meant to be blasted into your cells, penetrated, and absorbed. It’s a visceral experience. Seek solace in solitude when you’re dead. If you aren’t able to recognize the genius in this epic album, then you’re already dead. Kill yourself. Or get a job- your choice.”

‘King Tuff’ is due out May 25th on Sub Pop through Inertia

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