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News: Renegade soul-rockers The Heavy are set to release new album ‘The Glorious Dead’ this August 2012!

Renegade soul-rockers The Heavy will return with their highly anticipated third full-length LP.

‘Self-produced and with their unique, raw eclecticism fully intact, it’s their most fully-realised record yet, mixing together soul, hip hop, rock, blues and funk into glorious, raucous party music that is equally full of heart.

The first single is the soaring “What Makes A Good Man?” which was recently snatched up by Miller Beer for a North American ad campaign. The track follows in the footsteps of the band’s recent hit “How You Like Me Now?” which achieved gold status, selling half a million copies and helping the album achieve 150,000 sales. The song appeared everywhere from Entourage to The Fighter and saw David Letterman asking for an unprecedented encore of it. All of which has helped usher in much success stateside. Other highlights on the album include the horror film atmospherics of “Can’t Play Dead” to the laid back sincerity of “Curse Me Good”, the funked up hip hop rhythm of “Big Bad Wolf” and the epic, heavy-hitting gospel rock ‘n’ roll of “Same ‘Ol.” Throughout, vocalist Swaby’s voice soars, packed with yearning and pure soul.

“It’s our third record, which is when you’re judged if you’re here to stay, or sliding off the face of the earth. We want to stick around, so we took our balls out and went for it. I love what we’ve done.” says Swaby. “We got our deadpan heartbreak down. This record suggests how we continue to walk among the dead – now just in a few more places, and with more of a swagger.”

‘The Glorious Dead’ proves The Heavy’s most ambitious effort yet combining Frankensteining swampy voodoo and b-movie zombies with garage rock and Gospel-soaked soul, it’s unlike anything you’ll hear this year.

1. Can’t Play Dead
2. Curse Me Good
3. What Makes a Good Man?
4. Big Bad Wolf
5. Be Mine
6. Same Ol’
7. Just My Luck
8. Lonesome Road
9. Don’t Say Nothing
10. Blood Dirt Love Stop

‘The Glorious Dead’ is due out August 24th on Counter Records through Inertia.

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