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News: Poor Moon set to release self titled debut album this August!

Poor MoonIndie folk band Poor Moon have announced the release of their self titled debut album.

The band is comprised of Fleet Foxes band members Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott, and brothers Ian and Peter Murray. Before there was a band or a record, there was just a series of songs forged by Christian Wargo over several years. That’s one of the things that makes Poor Moon so special: the band grew out of their songs, not vice-versa.

“I’ve known Christian for so long, and have loved his songwriting as long as I’ve known him,” says Wescott. In addition to Fleet Foxes, the two previously played together in Pedro the Lion and Crystal Skulls.

“There was a point where he’d e-mailed us a couple of albums’ worth of songs,” Wescott recalls. “There was so much material sitting on iPods and in mailboxes, more ideas than could fit on one record.” Not just simple ditties for voice and acoustic guitar, but a host of thought-out originals with full arrangements that Wargo had fashioned on his lonesome in the Fleet Foxes rehearsal space. Joining forces as Poor Moon allowed the four men to fully realize this music, to record it was it was meant to sound, and eventually perform it live.

Thanks to that attention to detail and its affinity for warm earthy tones, the music of Poor Moon can sound deceptively simple. Assorted timbres decorate these ten originals-marimba, harpsichord, fretless zither-but this isn’t everything-but-the-kitchen-sink arranging. Thoughtful, impassioned vocal harmonies further reinforce the myriad musical bonds at play. While these songs cover some of the most tumultuous episodes in Wargo’s life, they handle even the heaviest topics, including death, addiction, and spirituality, with a certain lightness. “There’s often a paradox between what a song sounds like and what we’re actually talking about” adds Ian Murray.

‘Poor Moon’ is due out August 24th on Sub Pop through Inertia

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