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News: Boys Noize releases new album ‘Out of the Black’

Boys Noize Out of the Black Presser

A seasoned musician at only 29, Alex Ridha—aka Boys Noize—has already released two albums (2007’s ‘Oi Oi Oi ‘ and 2009’s ‘Power’), and a myriad of singles.  He is now set to release his third LP, ‘Out of the Black’.

SKRILLEX  “It’s classic Boys Noize with a new element of aggression and sophistication. Love this album!”

DIPLO “One of the most influential DJs of the past decade. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Boys Noize.”

The raucous, schizophrenic sound of ‘Out of the Black’ (its title inspired by the fact that he only makes music at night), has more to do more with Ridha’s attention span as his choice in gear. “I get bored really easily with sounds,” he explains, “The exciting part for me is trying to come up with new sounds… I buy a lot of machines and synths.” Ridha says the album was an indulgent outlet, “after spending nearly two years working as a producer on records for GonzalesSpank RockSantigold and the Scissor Sisters, I finally took some time off to just work on my own stuff. I had almost forgotten how nice it was just to be at home in my own studio. It felt really good.”

Ridha has worked with a stellar list of artists, producing and remixing tracks with Depeche ModeFeistDaft PunkJusticeBloc Party,Black Eyed PeasDavid Lynch and Jarvis Cocker, to name a few. He has also collaborated extensively with Erol Alkan and Mr. Oizo, on a project called Handbraekes. Ridha is already a proven industry veteran whose talents as a musician, DJ, and Boys Noize Records label curator show his fervent refusal to cease creating. Boys Noize has an equally fervent fan base here in Australia that has seen him tour our shores repeatedly between 2009-2011 as part of festivals such as Field DaySummerdayzeSummerfieldayze and Shore Thing as well as a run of stadium shows alongside N.E.R.D. (2011).

The new album smoothly bridges the gap between his previous two efforts; providing the in-your-face electro bang of classic Boys Noize on tracks like “What You Want”, “Rocky 2” and “XTC”, alongside more melodic songs like “Ich R U“ and “Reality“. At a time when mainstream electronic music—particularly the pervasive cultures of EDM and dubstep—has moved dance music out of clubs and into stadiums, Ridha is quick to acknowledge the old school house and acid records that shaped him as a DJ; the very same records that continue to bubble up as an influence on “Out of the Black.“

The Pod version ‘Out of the Black’ also features the game changer collaboration with none other than hip hop heavy weight Snoop Dogg on ‘Got It’ as well as two other storming bonus tracks ‘Ich Jack’ and ‘Yeah’.

As for the title of his new record, Ridha explains that this music isn’t coming from out of the blue. In fact, it’s the opposite. “I tend to make and produce music only at night,” he says. “I also generally only perform at night, so this is music that’s coming totally out of the black. Also, they say the colour black can absorb all other colours, which is a cool way to think about making music. You absorb every other kind of music—every possible sound—and what comes out of you is something new, something out of the black.”

‘Out of the Black’ is due out October 12th on Pod via Inertia.

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