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News: Dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood releases third album ‘Survival and Resistance’!

English dub pioneer and record producer Adrian Sherwood will release his long-awaited third album ‘Survival & Resistance’ this 28th September on On U Sound through Inertia.

In a career spanning over 30 years, Sherwood has worked with artists as diverse as Lee Scratch Perry, Primal Scream, Depeche Mode, Asian Dub Foundation, Little Axe and Sinéad O’Connor as well as performing with acts like Tackhead and Mark Stewart. In contrast, his new album ‘Survival and Resistance’ is the sound of avant-garde dub music.

Sherwood is well known for his haunted polyrhythms, helter-skelter pop sensibilities and post-rave haze, and has created some of the most unique “dub” music ever recorded. In his previous albums he has experimented with techniques that pit noise against melody, and foregrounded the missing links between dub, blues roots and Brazilian bossa. Now on ‘Survival and Resistance’, Sherwood marries his techniques with dark atmospherics, creeping electronics and an almost orchestral approach to arrangement, with brilliant melodic sense and analog technique.

Opening with the circuit-bent reggae balladry of “Balance” the sense of agitation and unease is palpable, but by the time you’ve been drawn into the paranoid transmission of “U.R. Sound,” and the plaintive optimism of “Effective” a much more complex picture comes into focus. Drawing on the upheaval of the all-too-recent London riots and staring down the current international economic crisis, the album is an earnest critique of current injustices, and like all great dub music is also potently enjoyable.

A swirling maelstrom of skull-shaking, heavy electronic tones and masterful deployment of breathing space, ‘Survival and Resistance’ is getting ready to make its mark on Australian listeners.

‘Survival & Resistance’ is due out September 28th on On U Sound through Inertia

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