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News: Kishi Bashi releases debut solo-album ‘151A’ – out October 12th!

Kishi BashiExperimental baroque artist Kishi Bashi has announced the release of his debut solo-album, ‘151A’. Diverging from his classical roots, the avant/electro-pop infused record will be released in Australia this 12th October on Pod through Inertia.

Following tours with Regina Spektor, M83 and Yeasayer, Kishi Bashi’s latest endeavour showcases his talent as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, weaving his way through a spectrum of genres and styles.  Leading with the gentle track “Intro/Pathos, Pathos”, the album develops into an exploration of Japanese aesthetic art, melding fragile violin melodies with bass-driven dance beats and desperately triumphant vocals.

Western operatics and Eastern hues are married in “Beat the Bright out of Me”, though all the tracks are ultimately permeated by a mediation on opposing drives and inherent contradictions. Dark undercurrents lace the comedic “Atticus, in the Desert”, with bright whistling ironically signaling the acceptance of failed romance.

During the conception of the record, Kishi Bashi ruminated on the Japanese term “ichi-go ichi-e,” a recognition of life’s transience. “Together, the songs represent an acknowledgement that each moment happens only once. It is about “having a unique performance in time… and enjoying it while you can,”  Kishi Bashi says.

To view Kishi Bashi’s whimsical video for lead single “Bright Whitesclick here. The clip takes place in a vivid fantasy world full of unusual characters and features interpretations of 56 common idioms throughout the story.

’151A’ is due out October 12th on Pod through Inertia

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