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News: The Helio Sequence announce release of new self produced album ‘Negotiations’!

Helio SequenceThe Helio Sequence will release their fifth full-length album ‘Negotiations’, out 7th September on Sub Pop through Inertia.

Singer/guitarist Brandon Summers and drummer/ keyboardist, Benjamin Weikel wrote and produced the record themselves. The two started playing together in 1996 and self-produced their first EP in 1999. They have always been gearheads, but it wasn’t until the success of ‘Keep Your Eyes Ahead’ that they could afford to step things up: The duo spent months (and many hard-earned dollars) retooling their studio. They left behind much of the cleaner-sounding modern digital studio equipment and instruments they’d always relied on, and embraced vintage gear that would color their recordings with a warmer, deeper sound: Tape and analog delays, spring and plate reverbs, tube preamps, ribbon microphones, and analog synths.

Tempering the free form approach to writing was Summers and Weikel’s meticulous attention to production and arrangement. Taking cues from the spaciousness, subtlety, and detail of Brian Eno and late-era Talk Talk records, they moved forward. Listening to the recorded live jam sessions, they set to work transforming the ditties into actual songs. “Open Letter,” “Silence on Silence,” “Downward Spiral” and the title track — some of the spacier, mesmerizing songs on ‘Negotiations’ — came together in this way. Summers’ one-minute demos were brought to life in collaboration by Weikel spending weeks working on sound treatments and synth landscapes to enhance the songs.

Summers’ lyrical delivery was largely inspired by the starkness and understated romanticism of Frank Sinatra’s Capitol era ‘Suicide Albums’, imparting a more introspective and personal tone. “I used to view a lyric as a statement,” he says, “Now, I see it more as a letter you’re writing to yourself or a conversation with your subconscious.”

‘Negotiations’ is due out September 7th on Sub Pop through Inertia

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