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Kora announce new album and East Coast tour dates

Kora-NEWSNew Zealand five-piece Kora will release their highly anticipated second album ‘Light Years’ on October 26th via Remote Control. The five-strong collective of fearless sonic explorers have discovered a whole new constellation of future-shocked funk, soul and r’n’b – dubbing it ‘alien funk.’

‘Light Years’ steps into the unknown on a bass odyssey, eschewing guitars in favour of a high-tech arsenal of synthesisers, live and sampled drums plus the otherworldly four-part harmonies of the brothers Laughton, Francis, Stuart and Brad Kora and brother-in-arms Dan McGruer.

“Alien funk is anything out of this world electronically,” Laughton reflects. “When we began recording the album we started putting pictures of planets and galaxies on the walls of the studio as visual cues for what we wanted to explore. The whole thing with space is that it represents the unknown, and that’s how we feel about our music – we don’t know where we’re going but when we find what we like we stay with it.”

[via Remote Control]

Kora – Light Years is released Friday October 26th via Remote Control

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