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MP3: Memory Tapes – Sheila

The name Shiela has many connotations to it. A lot of the time in Australia, it just refers to a woman or women, but it is also a woman’s name. It doesn’t really make any sense. What if the name Gwendolyn had the same meaning? If you went outside and said “Look at that Gwendolyn!”, people would probably just look at you funny. Unless the person you were looking at was named Gwendolyn, but that still doesn’t make sense, and Gwendolyn would definitely not go on a date with you.

The Urban Dictionary defines Shiela as “An awesomely pretty, witty and sexy person. Chic and always in style. You will never have any dull moment being around one. A femme fatale. Loving and loveable. Caring and Sweet. Cool and fun. There is definitely no bad definition for this name.” Now, apply this definition to the new song by Memory Tapes. THAT makes sense. It is pretty and witty and sexy. You will definitely never have a dull moment listening to this song. It definitely has the characteristics of a femme fatale. Beware – It will seduce you and your ears with all of its glorious mystery and charm.

‘Grace / Confusion’ is due out Dec 4th on Carpark Records / Inertia

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