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News: Wavves release fourth record ‘Afraid Of Heights’ this 22nd March!

Straight from the dungeons of LA, Nathan Williams (vocals/guitar) and Stephen Pope (bass), better known as Wavves, now sound bigger, brasher and shockingly professional than ever – with their fourth album and 3rd on the Pod label, ‘Afraid Of Heights’, to be released this 22nd of March through Inertia.

The album’s brilliantly poetic lead single “Sail To The Sun”, recently added by Triple J, is accompanied by a video which tells the story of a priest who doesn’t exactly practice what he preaches. In addition, a new track entitled “Demon To Lean On” was released just this week and can be streamed here.

The product of more than a year of writing and recording, ‘Afraid Of Heights’ expands the Wavves sound while remaining true to the band’s original vision. Working with producer John Hill (known for his work with M.I.A. and Santigold, as well as with hip-hop acts such as Nas and Wu-Tang), the band found a willing party in creating what they felt was the truest expression of what they wanted. As for the ‘Afraid Of Heights’ sessions themselves, Williams paid for them out-of-pocket, explaining his reasoning with, “In doing so, I had no one to answer to. We recorded the songs how and when we wanted without anybody interfering, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Even when he reaches outside his own damaged psyche, Williams is still making Wavves songs, saying, “The general theme of the record is depression and anxiety, being death-obsessed and paranoid of impending doom.” That paranoia manifests itself on many of the album’s best tracks, such as the spacey drones and bummazoid vibes of the Weezer-referencing, getting-drunk-because-you-can’t-bring-yourself-to-care-vibey “Afraid Of Heights” and the string-aided “I Can’t Dream,” which rounds the record out with the optimistic, “I can finally sleep,” before subverting itself with, “but I can’t dream.”

With their biggest and boldest-sounding record yet, Wavves might have finally come into their own, a fully-realized punk rock force in both sound and vision.

The Pod version also includes the bonus track “Hippies Is Punks” feat Jenny Lewis (Kilo Riley, Postal Service).

Cover images for ‘Afraid Of Heights’ and single “Demon To Lean On” have been selected from early 1900s tattoo artist Rich Mingins’ book “The Mingins Photo Collection”.

To preorder ‘Afraid Of Heights’ visit iTunes or JB HiFi.

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