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News: Wavves reveal details of forthcoming album ‘Afraid of Heights’

WavvesWavves‘ Nathan Williams has revealed details of the band’s upcoming album, ‘Afraid of Heights’, out this March on Pod Records through Inertia.

‘Afraid of Heights’ follows 2010′s ‘King of the Beach’ and the ‘Life Sux’ EP from 2011. The new album sees the band’s surf/noise-rock sound evolve into something ‘bigger’ and more ‘honest’, most likely thanks to newly enlisted producer John Hill, who has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Santigold and M.I.A.. The album’s title track also features Rilo Kiley‘s Jenny Lewis.

Williams told SPIN, “I feel like I was a real cocky motherfucker when I first started doing this. I really believed I was the shit. Now, not so much, but as a songwriter, I think I’m better. You know the tone of King of the Beach and the first two records? Like, I ‘got no car, got no money,’ but, I still got my parents’ house to live in so it’s not that bad. It could have been much worse, and now, my parents have no money and I’m paying their rent while I’m paying my mortgage. In general, the realness of life starts to hit you later on. That’s more prominent on this record.”

Fellow band member Stephen Pope also refuted claims that ‘Afraid of Heights’ – Wavves’ fourth full-length – would be the band’s first hip-hop record. “There is some programming and we did build some songs off of samples and loops, but I don’t hear hip-hop in it,” said Pope. “Sonically, I think we expanded a lot on this album in finding sounds in general; I’m really proud. John does mainly pop and hip-hop stuff, but if you listen closely, it sounds really cool. He’ll spend hours, for example, listening to Cambodian pop music from the 1970s, and then try to re-create those sounds using instruments he gets on eBay.”

Wavves shared the first track off the album last year. You can watch “Sail to the Sun” below:

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Wavves’ ‘Afraid of Heights’ is out in March on Pod Records via Inertia

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