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Big Scary announce new album ‘Not Art’

Melbourne outfit Big Scary will release their second album, ‘Not Art’, the follow-up to 2011’s critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Vacation’, on Friday 28 June 2013.

At its core, ‘Not Art’ reflects upon the relationship between the artist and their art. Stemming from Tom Iansek (vox, guitar, piano) and Jo Syme’s (drums, backing vox) reaction to being labelled as “artists”, ‘Not Art’ contemplates the artist’s journey, their search for meaning and their interpretation and recycling of other’s art to help them make sense of their own.

Said Tom Iansek, “In a nutshell, it’s not that ‘Not Art’ isn’t art, it’s just that creating art wasn’t the goal of this album. Thoughts of creating something artful, even something original or catchy were removed from the process.”

From the first tracking to the final master, ‘Not Art’ was nine months in the making. Recorded and produced by Tom Iansek, and mixed by Grammy Award winning Tom Elmhirst (The Black Keys, Adele, Amy Winehouse) at Electric Lady Studios in New York, ‘Not Art’ took shape in between travel, work and touring ‘Vacation’ – their triple j  ‘Album Of The Year’ nominated album which saw the alt-pop outfit tour the globe playing to sold-out audiences across Australia, US, Canada and India.

Continuing in a musical direction only hinted at on their seasonal EPs and debut album, when discussing the album making process for ‘Not Art’ Iansek offered, “In a lot of ways I wanted it to be the opposite process to making Vacation. I (initially) wanted us to control the entire process from start to finish. I didn’t want the constraints of having a certain amount of time in a studio and I wanted to begin recording unfinished songs to let them develop in their own time throughout the recording process.”

While hip-hop has been cited as a major influence on Big Scary’s song writing and production on ‘Not Art’, an homage to Bruce Springsteen, DJ Shadow and Kanye West can also be heard on the LP. With contributions from guest bassists Ted O’Neil (The Vasco Era) and Graham Ritchie (Emma Louise), gospel choirs and musical genius Tom Elmhirst, this amalgam of sonic influences has resulted in a stunning sophomore release showcasing Big Scary’s unique sound.

Created by Melbourne artist Adam Stone, the hyperrealism of the album’s artwork continues to question the relationship between the artist and their art. Said Iansek, “I saw Adam Stone’s work at a photography exhibition in Fitzroy and I liked how the art of photography interacted with the object, and in particular a natural object, as it makes you question who the artist is in that work: mother nature or the photographer?”

“I also thought there were some obvious ties there with what we’re trying to do with the music, i.e. taking elements from different genres and placing them on our own canvas, perhaps where they don’t particularly belong.”

Big Scary’s second album Not Art will be released Friday 28 June, 2013 through Pieater/Inertia

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