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Volcano Choir’s brand new video “Byegone”

Volcano Choir have just released their new video ‘Byegone’  which is from their upcoming release  ”Repave” out on the 30th August via Pod.

The clip was directed by Japanese video artist Michinori Saigo (also director of “Island, IS“). According to Volcano Choir, Saigo’s films “capture the elements we often look for, but don’t know how to put into words. They’re evocative, symbolic, and interesting, without treading too far into concrete territory. “

“Each of his videos tell a story, but they are stories that need to filter through each individual to reveal their meaning. They involve rhythm and a strong sense of flow, mimicking music and narrative, yet existing outside both mediums. It’s like the magic spell version of our songs. How do you find someone to make such things? You don’t. It’s nearly impossible to hire such understanding. And because of that, we’re so glad we became friends with Mitch, a guy on the other side of the world, with different ideas and a different perspective, that somehow captures exactly what we want to say.”

Watch the video now:

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