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Watch: Mount Kimbie share video for “You Took Your Time”

Mount KimbieUK Electronic duo Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, better known as Mount Kimbie, have released a video for “You Took Your Time”, the latest single from their new album ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’.

On “You Took Your Time”, Mount Kimbie teamed up with vocalist King Krule (p.k.a. Kid Zoo) and enlisted the talents of Swedish director Marcus Söderlund, best known the xx’s “VCR” clip.

The black and white video for “You Took Your Time” is filmed in the suburban landscape of Essex, east of London, complete with litter and burning cars. Kai Campos spoke to NOWNESS about the song and its bleak video.

What’s the song about? It seems to be a collection of mini narratives.
Kai Campos: The thing about King Krule’s lyrics is that his style of writing is really stream of consciousness. A lot of abstract, dream imagery comes out, to paint a wonderfully detailed picture.

NOWNESS: What was it that drew you to work with Marcus Söderlund?
Kai Campos: Initially, I was a little bit wary of its urban look, but the quality of his work and his aesthetic style persuaded me that he was the right person to go with and I love it. The main thing I wanted to avoid was a moral to the story. That’s not what we do musically, and I don’t think that would have worked, especially for this song. So I wanted it to have a lot of strong imagery in it.

N: Can you tell us what you think is the most successful element of the video?
KC: The thing I like about it is Marcus’ compassionate portrayal of his characters. You can imagine the location being on the outskirts of any city, really, but he’s not patronizing. He doesn’t give any easy conclusions.

Watch it below:


Mount Kimbie’s ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ is out now on Warp Records
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