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Wavves’ hip-hop project Sweet Valley releases new mixtape, ‘SV’

Sweet ValleyFor almost a year now Nathan Williams, front man of the surf punk San Diego outfit Wavves, has been making music with his brother Joel under the moniker Sweet Valley. ‘SV’ is the latest offering from the duo and inspires some pretty bone-breaking dance moves with the ghetto step-hop tracks littered throughout.

Joel Williams creates his own music as Kynan and just released the mixtape ‘Ruby’ which is self-described as “ass electronic”. It features a bunch of greened out tunes sampling frat house length bong hits and a massive amount of hallucinogenic, wall shaking, sense tingling bass. It’s this bass which filters through to the music of Sweet Valley deviating from the upbeat style of Wavves.

‘SV’ is by no means a dance release, nor is it hip-hop or trance or rave or even drum and bass, but rather a mutation those genres along with many others. The opening track “Kingdom of Heaven” shakes up your senses preparing you for the aural assault and European rave cave banger “Infinite Impulse”.

Progressing through this 12-track onslaught is like fighting through a hailstorm of noise glitching its way around your ears. “Four” burns a hole in your tympanic membrane distorting vocal samples while “Jet Speed” maintains that video game theme running through past mixtape, ‘Champ’. It’s at “Untitled 22″ when the boys take you to the moon and back with pops of psychedelic space hits and haphazardly rolling drums.

You can stream the whole thing below:

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