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Wavves’ ‘Negative Dad’ comic book is finally here

WavvesA little while back, Wavves front man Nathan Williams revealed that he was writing a comic book with friend Matt Barajas. The first issue of the comic, called Negative Dad, is finally here.

The press release for Negative Dad tells us that the comic “follows the fantastic and disturbing journey of two young mutant boys, Daniel and Serjio, uncovering secrets surrounding their family and friends. This journey ultimately will determine the fate of their world and many others. They live in Verlaine City, a city that once was the centre of a scientific revolution, but now a disgusting, dying shadow of its former self. When the boys are visited by beings from another realm, its up to them to discover the truth about their father and his incredible past.”

Wavves new comic 'Negative Dad'

Back in 2011, when Williams first announced he was working on Negative Dad, the comic was going to run to at least 12 issues and may eventually come with cassettes so that you can, “put the tape on, put in a beanbag chair in a space small enough to get clambaked and just read the comic and stare at the pictures and chuckle at the pictures while your friend plays Nintendo and eats all your Pirate Booty or something.”

You can get the first issue for US$10 from the Wavves store.

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